I have been teaching for over four decades!  My time flies when you are having fun!  Teaching is a true joy and passion!  As I enter the last stage of my teaching career, I’m focusing on helping students and teachers develop an “imagination mindset” – a way to lean into your own particular curiosity, allowing it to flourish and share with others.  This blog is one more way to share my expertise and enthusiasm for learning.

I regularly present my work in educational journals and academic conferences. My article “Fostering Curiosity and Imagination: Creative Arts in Constructivist Classrooms,” was originally published in the Journal of the Association of Constructivist Teaching. I also published an article on my quiet leadership style, “The One Gesture That can Make the Difference.” I am happiest when I am mentoring both students and teachers.

Also, I am a poet and photographer, with my most recent work being published in the Fredericksburg Literary & Art Review. I was an original member of Judy Chicago’s Birth Project, and my quilted work of Chicago’s design is on permanent exhibit at the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History. I have exhibited my photography throughout the United States including the Salmagundi Gallery in New York City and the San Diego Art Institute.