April Poem #22: Brie Love

My inspiration for “Brie Love” came from  Verse-Love, Ethical ELA, which was created by Sarah J. Donovan. Today’s prompt was from Tammi Belko, who is an ELA teacher and Gifted Intervention Specialist from Ohio. She is also the author of the YA verse novel, Perchance to Dream. Tammi invited participants to think and write about CHEESE.

This was a difficult subject for me because cheese is my favorite food.  I think I would wither away physically, emotionally and spiritually if I did not consume cheese.  It brings such comfort and memories. When my husband and I were first dating, baked Brie was very popular.  We would order it as a first course when we dined out, and I learned to bake it to perfection when we were dining at home.  I love all cheese, but Brie brings with it a certain romance.

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