April Poem #23: My Heart is an Unspoken Thunderstorm

My inspiration for “My Heart is an Unspoken Thunderstorm” came from  Verse-Love, Ethical ELA, which was created by Sarah J. Donovan. Today’s prompt was from Stefani Boutelier, who is an Associate Professor of Education at Aquinas College in Michigan. @stefboutelier 

Stefani’s prompt was to use metaphor dice to spark at poem.  I used this online metaphor dice roll and came up with this choice:

I concentrated on the rhythms of my heart and thought about the sounds of my heart and the sounds of a thunderstorm. This is where my mind took me.  I found this prompt idea very imaginative.  It got me out of the hum-drum and made me take risks.  I think I will use the metaphor dice roll more often now as a tool to constructing and deconstructing my ideas.

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