April Poems #3: Make Your Presence Known

April is making its presence known today with steady ,silver showers. I woke up to the sound of rain and immediately felt comforted. I don’t know whether I love the rain because I was born on a rainy Tuesday in April, or because I am always attracted by just a hint of sadness. That hint of sadness reminds that I am a survivor, and I can weather the storms that come. When the rain comes, I know it’s time to slow down, to put on the tea kettle ,and find a good book. The rain invites me to contemplate, to go inward, to take stock of my day, my week, my life. The rain says, “It’s okay to go nowhere. You can stop being busy. You can read, write a poem, lay in bed with your head under the pillows. It is perfectly fine to rest. In fact, I demand that you rest!” And so I listen to the rain. I hear the drips, drops, plunks, and patters. I watch it fall silver from the sky and drip like jewels on each tree branch. I watch the birds puff-up and shake the water from their feathers. The world is greening and so am I. And that takes time.

My inspiration for Afterwinter: Rain comes from NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month: 30 Poems in 30 Days, which was created by Maureen Thorson, My inspiration for Make Your Presence Known comes from Verse-Love, Ethical ELA, which was created by Sarah J. Donovan. I am grateful for these two platforms for providing inspiration.

Afterwinter: Rain - Three Haikus

Gray sky, springtime rain,
Drops forming into puddles.
Here comes a great splash!

Rain comes in April,
Pouring down on the meadows,
All things are washed green.

Daffodil trumpets
Fill with rain water - golden
Nectar for fairies.

Make Your Presence Known

The clouds make their presence known.
Swirling white and gray,
Ever-moving, shape-shifting,
Becoming new, changed.

The rain makes its presence known.
Solid, steady drops -
Gray, silver, glistening,
Soaking the earth, nourishing.

The sun make her presence known,
Shy at first, hesitating -
Peeking behind great columns of clouds,
Finding her voice at last and shining.

The birds make their presence known,
Taking cover under the thickets
Until the rain slowly ceases, 
Then soaring with a song, into the air.

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