Welcome Spring!

The sun is shining, birds gather to sing, and spring is finally here. This morning, my heart is a bit lighter; my mind a bit clearer.  I can push world events away for just a little while.  I can revel in the time when the earth becomes renewed. The woodland animals are coming out of their winter stupor.  I am beginning to feel a little more hopeful.  I too can turn my face to the sunshine and feel restored.  It is a day to celebrate.  Go out into nature, find beauty, and rejoice.

A little song to celebrate this day and the earth’s resilience.  Welcome spring!

Awaken the Peas

Upon the earth, the sun shines down 
Each ray, a warm delight.
Each tiny seed rests and waits 
Until the time is right.

The sun’s steady light
Begins to warm and spread,
Awakening each little seed
From its frosty bed.

Awaken the peas 
from their round green beds
Remind them spring is coming,
Tell each raindrop to kiss their heads
And set the bees a-humming.

Thank you to TWT: Slice of Life and SOS: Sharing our Stories for their creative outlet and support.

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