April Poem #15: Being Present to Poetry

Today, I was tasked to write poem number 15.  It could be an acrostic about a day of the week, or I could write about something in which I have absolutely have no interest.  Really?  Those are my choices?  When I’ve taught poetry to children, acrostics, are my fallback, my dependable old idea that children adore.  But I want to write a grown-up, serious poem.  Can acrostics be serious?  How much depth can a poem have with its subject scrawled down its left side like a banner? And the other idea?  Write a poem about something I have no interest in? Why would I do that?  Who cares?  Whatever!

These poetry prompts have really gotten me to thinking – thinking early in the morning ,and they stay with me all day long.  I am getting a mental workout, and it feels so good.  I cannot thank Ethical ELA or National Writing Poetry Month enough for their inspiration each and every day in April. 

These exercise have taught me persistence.  Every morning, I show up.  I read.  I think.  I write.  I have opened myself up to possibility.  Where once there was a blank page, there now is purpose, creation. 

I recently heard a sermon in which the preacher talked about God being an artist, a sculptor, a grand creator.  I really never thought of God as an artist making everything from scratch. He was the first maker, and Earth was his grand makerspace, an amazing canvas on which to create.  I love the image this idea creates in my mind.

Today, I played with these two poetry prompts.  I arranged words,  painted images, and brushed them gently across my paper. 

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