April Poem #29: This Poem is Not…

My inspiration for “This Poem is Not…” comes from  Verse-Love, Ethical ELA, which was created by Sarah J. Donovan. Today’s prompt comes from Glenda Funk, who is a retired English teacher and published poet. Glenda challenged us to think about all the things poetry can do and does. In these possibilities there is always hope.

I took an old poem that was sitting there in a pile minding its own business, doing nothing.  I grabbed it, shook it up, and turned it into something new.  My advice is never throw out anything you’ve written.  You never know what it could turn into.  It could be in its chrysalis stage waiting to fly free.  This past month of writing a poem every day has taught me to take risks, to play with possibility, and to be unafraid with the outcome.  Playing with poetry was just what I needed.  It was necessary.

#StandWithUkraine. ©Joanne L. Emery, 2022

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