Spring Offering

This post is dedicated to my cousin, Jeanne, who is like a sister to me.  This past year, she had taken care of her husband who lost his battle with cancer last week.  It has been a long painful journey and though I tried to provide comfort, I knew there was little I could do to truly help her, so I did the only thing left to do – I listened. My mother would always tell me how kind and considerate Jeanne was.  She appreciated Jeanne’s cards and visits. My mother made me promise to watch over her.  I would have done so anyway.  Jeanne has the most compassionate heart. She is one of those people who are earthly angels. Jeanne encourages me with my writing, lifts me up when I am feeling almost hopeless, and tells me stories to make me laugh.  She is the best friend-cousin-sister anyone could ever have!  The best offering, I can give her now are my words and my pictures.  I hope this small offering brings her peace and makes her know that she is greatly loved.

Spring Prayer

Sunday morning,
Walking up the steep,
Winding path
Through the cathedral
Of flowers,
I breathe in 
Their fragrance,
Take in 
their vivid color
And let out a slow
Deep breath.
I am present
To God’s glorious
Here in the garden
Spring has arisen
All is right with the world:
Squirrels feast on seeds
Rabbits rustles 
In the undergrowth,
Birds on the branches sing,
My soul takes flight.

The following poems are in a form I hadn’t known about until last week.   Fellow blogger, Ramona, had written a recent post containing a lovely golden shovel poem, which spurred me to try this form.  It is a very comforting form because the writer takes a short quote that is meaningful to her and then use it as the base of her poem.  It is a seed from which the poem grows.  It also takes brain power to puzzle out how to combine one’s ideas with that of the original writer’s words.  The last word in each line of the poem reveals the original quote from top to bottom. I think this is a form that I will continue to play with and have my students play with.

Three Golden Shovel Poems

The Earth Laughs in Flowers. –  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Daffodils, hyacinths, and the
Tulips brightly bloom upon the Earth
All the green garden laughs
Exuberantly, right out loud in
A brilliance of flowers.

Where Flower Bloom so Does Hope. – Lady Bird Johnson

April turns to May where
raindrops become flowers
pink, yellow, orange, purple bloom
up through the green so
quietly, so spontaneously does 
this garden restore my hope.

With the Coming of Spring, I am Calm Again. - Gustav Mahler

Dark clouds fill the sky with
An abundance of rain, the
Drops fall to the ground, coming 
Faster and faster, all of
A sudden it’s spring -
Green and glimmering, I
Turn my face to the rain, I am
Suddenly peaceful and calm 
Spring is within me again.

8 thoughts on “Spring Offering

  1. Oh my… these are so good. I’m sending them to my daughter if you don’t mind. Hopefully, she can write some ‘golden shovel’ poems with her girls. Thank you so much. XO


  2. So much to love in your poetry and pictures.
    These lines:
    “Green and glimmering, I
    Turn my face to the rain, I am
    Suddenly peaceful and calm
    Spring is within me again.”
    and these lines:
    “…so spontaneously does
    this garden restore my hope.”
    and this phrase:
    “a brilliance of flowers.”
    and these lines:
    “I am present
    To God’s glorious
    Can you tell how much I loved every single poem?
    Thank you for writing so prolifically about this beautiful time of year.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you, Ramona! Those lines were made possible by YOU! If you hadn’t written your golden shovel poem – I wouldn’t have written mine! You always inspire me. Thank you so very much!


  4. I’m so sorry for your loss. I love these golden shovel poems so much–you and Ramona are so inspiring! These poems are absolutely gorgeous and rich with spring.


  5. I’m sorry for your loss…and it is lovely the way you are there to listen. Your poems offer solace. As, Terje, says, there is often solace to be found in nature and I admire the way you capture it with words stacked just right.

    Liked by 1 person

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