Doors and Windows

When my husband and I take photo trips, whether near or far, I am often attracted to doors and windows. I like exploring small quaint towns that have been revived by artisans and documenting what I see. Maybe I am drawn to doors because they signify possibility to me: “one door closes, another opens…” I am curious by nature and enjoy imagining what might be behind each door. Who”s inside? What stories do they bold? If the door is painted, why did the owner choose that particular color? How does that color reflect the mood and personality of the inhabitants? The door is like a dressed up package. Untie the bow, knock at the door, and find out what’s in store for you. There are so many choices – all is possible. Hope is at hand.

In the same way, I am also intrigued by windows. Where doors are solid and impenetrable, windows are translucent and reflective. I can see through, into the building and also see a collage of images in the reflection. To me, windows represent both the past and the future. I can look both back and forwards in time. What is created in the photograph is a connection been the past and future – what I left behind and what still awaits me. Photographing windows gives me the opportunity to play with color and light. I am able to compose and create a unique collage. Below are some examples of the photographic play I did on a recent trip to South Carolina.

6 thoughts on “Doors and Windows

  1. Your post is so inspiring. We can learn so much from a door. It’s paint and cracks can tell us so much. Also, so many opportunities for creating thinking…who walked in, out, ran out, snuck in, etc. Why is the paint old? Fresh? Why that color?

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  2. My writing teacher has used pictures of doors as a writing prompt several times. I like the collection you have chosen to share here, and enjoy your explanation of what doors and windows make you think about.


  3. I love that you take photo trips with your husband! Seeing things through the lens of a camera builds story. And I agree with you, I love doors and windows. Great post!


  4. A photo trip! I love that idea! It’s interesting to think about what we’re drawn to photograph. I like photographing rocks, tree bark, and lost cat posters. I love that yellow door–so cheerful.


  5. A photo trip? How awesome is that! Your photos make me want to pay more attention to windows and doors. I love to photograph trees and the sky, especially when it is sunrise or sunset.


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